View Full Version : E9X M3 DCT "GTS Tune" now available here (lots of other coding, too).

08-12-2013, 05:19 PM
We can now tune your DCT/DKG E9X M3 with the increasingly popular GTS/Euro program. If you own one of these cars and haven't heard of this modification, here are a few links to browse:


A few key quotes for the lazy:

"This is by far the single GREATEST tune I ever had in my life. Period."

"Now, with GTS tune, S5 mode shifts as fast as S6 used to in LC mode.

S6 in GTS tune is even crazier. I lost traction and almost spun sideways in 95 degree weather with new PSS tires, all from a 1-2 shift.

I was one of the skeptical people that thought this wasn't for real, but it actually is faster shifting."

"The differences pointed out may sound rather minute and silly, but in all sincerity, it makes a difference in the driving experience. From the second you start up the car to driving it hard in different scenarios, it's noticeable."

"Shifting at WOT through 1-3rd gear, I noticed that there doesn't seem to be as prevalent of a "soft" redline or slipping of the clutch. Especially in 1st and 2nd, it shifts with much more assertion and aggression. Absolutely instantaneous."

Our introductory price for this service is $160 including HST.

We also offer the full array of coding services for most BMW models. Windows up, convertible top control, euro hazard flashing, DRL customization, AUX inputs, Bluetooth, etc etc are all services we can program here.

Call 647-889-9554 or email jay@stancefactory.com with questions or to book your appointment.