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04-18-2013, 08:20 PM
So I've never owned a european car yet so I'm looking to get some opinions if you guys think this car is a good buy.

PRICE: $5000 w/ etest
2000 323ci w/ sport package
Mileage: 291k km

Recent maintenance
New alternator
New rear trailing arm bushings (polyurethane)
New rear shock mounts (Heavy Duty)
New power steering pump
New center hanger and weebo
2 new snow tires (bought in nov)

Race land Coilovers
3" exhaust to magnaflow muffler
Short shifter
K&n drop in filter with modded air box

The bad:
2 years ago he got rear ended and had it repaired at European Autobody. The total was around 7k. He's willing to get an alignment done with a print out of the specs to show that the frame is relatively straight
- ebrake shoes
- upper rad hose, bottle + cap, thermostat
- valve cover gasket
- a/c hose (not an immediate problem)

Thanks ahead of time for your thoughts

04-18-2013, 08:33 PM
it comes on a set of 17" winters (2 need replacing)
and 18" summers (2 need replacing)

04-19-2013, 03:01 PM
Seems like a lot for a 323 with 300K, crash damage, the cheapest coilovers, plus over $1K in repairs/maintenance to do.

Seems like $2-3K would be more fair.

04-19-2013, 03:06 PM
ya .. you can probably pick up a 325 for that price with the same amount of km or less. It sometimes depends on where you live .. I had one guy buy my 325xi from Winnipeg .. he flew out here to the GTA and drove it back because it was cheaper by $2-3K then buying one local there.

04-19-2013, 03:36 PM
Imo, You can do better for 5k.

04-19-2013, 04:04 PM
I'd spend a bit more and get a clean one. E46s have really come down in price.

Also I don't recommend a high mileage car if this is your first time owning a European car, unless you are handy and can DIY maintenance and repairs. At-least something semi decent. You can find some with less kms for not much more.

Bimmer Heaven
04-19-2013, 06:38 PM
High milage, accident car, just a 323, NOT worth $5K IMO...

04-19-2013, 08:03 PM
Considering mileage, work needed, and the fact that it's been crashed, I'd say it's worth $4000. And that's being generous. Keep shoppin' around man

04-19-2013, 11:53 PM

05-01-2013, 10:51 AM
Kinda pricey. I know people are saying it's "just" a 323ci but it's not just that. I think the 323ci is a pretty sweet car, and a lot can be done to it externally to make it look like a higher trim. But it's been whacked, it's nearing 300km, and got knows what else can go wrong with it. Unfortunately, repairs on these vehicles are a pain in the butt.

There are a lot of E46s for 5000ish that are cleaner, some of which are sold here in the sale section. Keep checkin' and you might get lucky :D (mine might be for sale soon too).