View Full Version : Problems: Headlamps and Coolant.

02-13-2013, 11:40 AM
yeah yeah yeah, I know I'm bringing up two issues that may lead to a barrage of "search newb" answers, but I need to narrow down the issue a little further:

#1, when I bought my 2002 325i wagon (a few months ago), I noticed that the headlamps were auto-levelling - they went through the test every morning. However, over the last few weeks they have both remained pointed far too low (no test in the morning). I've checked the sensor arm on the front passenger control arm (still fine), but not the rear yet. Any other clues as to what it could be?

#2, I do know that these cars have issues with the coolant system - mostly due to the plastic bits. After all that snow last friday (and a little revving on all-season tires), the coolant light came on. When the engine was luke-warm, I topped up the system until the float was in the correct location, with one bottle of water. a few days later, the light came back on, and when checking the level (both when the engine is warm, and dead cold), the float seems to be in the correct location. This morning I popped it open and it seemed to indicate low, but then after some gurgling, the float came up. I could be loosing coolant, and perhaps it's time for a radiator/expansion tank swap - but any ideas on this phantom issue with the float?

Anyone know a good dealer for aftermarket E46 coolant parts that don't suck?


02-13-2013, 12:59 PM
the bleed screw next to the coolant cap snapped off. FML.

time to go shopping...


04-06-2013, 11:03 AM
check you leaks but if you don't notice any under the car take a light and from the top check the top of the belly pan/skid plate and check for an residue on any of the cooling parts you ask see like rad hoses thermostat housing, around the heater inlet on the expansion since they are prone to cracking or literally blowing up like mine.

Did my tank back in November and the transmission thermostat i used was from ECS tuning and the o ring was the wrong size causing the expansion tank not to seat right and had a bad coolant leak for awhile so if you tank is gone and needs replacing don't order that transmission thermostat from them got my stuff from turner motorsports and it was a oem bmw thermostat