View Full Version : ZHP or M-Performance Package Pricing? Opinions?

08-15-2012, 10:38 PM
*wave* So for past several months I've been looking for a ZHP 330ci and it seems like the pricing for these cars is just all over the place. I've seen some for 10k, others for 20k but mostly around 17k (in good or at least decent condition). I'm really looking forward to getting one in the future and I wanted to hear your opinions on the pricing of these.

Would you pay 17k ~ 20k for a 330ci knowing that's nearly double the price of an average E46 or knowing that you could be getting a M3? What do you think is an appropriate price for these?

08-16-2012, 01:30 PM
Think of it this way.... a regular '04-05 330CI in decent milage and shape has a market value about $12000. I put that price on a higher range because I would only consider a well kept car. Now add what ZHP has as a package (mtech bumpers, m wheel shifter, door sills, and 18" wheels). with the exception of extra 7hp, there is no other difference.

Now how much are you willing to spend on those extra parts? I though about getting a ZHP and one got away for 11K which was a great buy. I settled on a regular and I began the little changes. M wheel and shifter, changed my regular seats to sport seats. in total I spent extra $200 so far.
Im happy with my decision. If i choose to upgrade my bumpers it will cost me about 1k more. Untill I do so, Im making sure its running well and im enjoying the car. It drives just as well without the extra $5-6K.

M3 is a totally different car. If you want to spend 20K and you know you can keep up with maintanance costs then go for it. But dont compair the two. Its a 100hp difference and $$$ more in upkeep.

So I guess ZHP is worth more because all the extras have been done to it from factory. Keep your eyes open and you might find a nice one for $15K.

08-16-2012, 03:49 PM
ZHP has different gearing as well. It seems to make a serious diff on the 0-60 time.
5.6sec vs 6.5sec
There is no way the 7hp explains the difference.

08-16-2012, 04:06 PM
ahhhh yes.. thats right. The rear Diff is a 3.07 in zhp and a 2.93 in reg 330.... im 99% sure thats the #.

Its all up to what your looking for. I dont race my car. I just drive it. Im happy with my decision.