View Full Version : Squeaking under deceleration

07-17-2012, 01:12 PM
Hello all, I haven't had an oportunity to get my car in the air yet but was hoping that someone might have some advice on where to look.

The situation is that when I lift my foot from the gas without applying the brakes I hear a squeaking noise. No difference is the clutch is depressed or not. A passenger of mine placed his head out the window and indicated it was coming from the rear. As the noise is only under deceleration I wouldn't think it would be a dust plate rubbing on the rotor.

The differential was rebuilt last year, and the noise is not a constant squeal but more intermittant when happening almost like a sound from a sping. Under acceleration the noise stops. There doesn't seem to be any change whether I turn left or right, so I am thinkint it wouldn't be a wheel bearing.

I am left thinking it might be the driveshaft or it's bearings, the guibo, or one of the CV joints. If anyone has an idea on what it might be it would be appreciated.