View Full Version : e46 fog light suggestions..

05-31-2012, 09:34 AM
Ive got a 2005 330xi and both fog lights are always fogging up, the reflective stuff on the inside of the lights is all gone and i cant even tell they are on.

from what I read, alot of people are unhappy with running a HID kit or the projector fogs.

Ive seen stock looking ones on ebay with a clear face apposed to the ones with lines, which I thought would help the light output.

I'm also running some angel eyes now with the DRL deleted and it would look awesome with just the DRL's and fogs. But short of buying a 6000k hid kit, im not sure how id match the colour with a regular halogen bulb.

just curious what others have done in the replacing of fogs.

also, this may be a stupid question but i couldnt find an answer, are any of the e46 fogs interchangeable?