View Full Version : Huge Paintball Package

El Gato Liso
05-13-2012, 12:31 PM
I love this gun, its just amazing. Red/black is my color scheme for YEARS! Always complimented. the Stock barrel on the gun is the best stock 14" barrel i have ever used. even with bad paintballs, it shot pure accuracy.

Stock 14" autococker threaded barrel
never ever taken apart, used perhaps 10 times all together.
shoots flawlessly.
Comes with box!!!
i dont want to let this go but i have to :(

14" All american spyder threaded barrel with Blue tip *dinged up front, cosmetic...no performance retardation*
Shaved down trigger
Bob Long Intimidator Jam Bolt
***not complete, very very very inexpensive to put it back together complete*

the profiler is red/black with rising sun strap. comes with tinted visor and bag!

the air tank... it works. don't expect anything spectular. its just your typical steel tank with the center flag on/off. i bought this tank in 2006/7 dont remember. don't know anything about hydro.

Also have an VLoader Egg II with upgraded board. not in the best shape, probably only good for the board.


Selling all this for $350 FIRM. thanks...pics to come