View Full Version : 87 e30 build

03-26-2012, 12:22 PM
So I'm in class and bored outta my mind so i figured i'd get started on my own build thread. I bought my e30 around October, its an 87 325i and was stored in doors for the past year and a bit. The car looked great, the exterior doesn't have a spot of rust but i quickly learned that the interior was a completely different story. My floors are looking more like swiss cheese than metal. The frame rails are in okay shape but im thinking of beefing em up a bit.

Anyways this cars got about 330,000 on it and the motors feelin every bit of it. It has its moments of running pretty good but just never seems to last. The engine is burning a bit of oil and the valves sound terrible and the things knockin like a mad man. So im planning on swapping in a another m20, but thats a bit further down the road. For now I've just been goin at those floors and trying to get rid of all the rust i can.

I'll try and post some pics of the "beast" tonight.