View Full Version : Orient Blue e46 330ci in Alymer, Que April 27th

04-27-2003, 05:24 PM
I spotted an orient blue e46 330ci in Alymer, Que. today (Sunday April 27th) @ about 1:30 PM. I believe that you had Ontario plates. I didn't get a good look at your wheels but when you turned I thought I saw a set of Hamann Hm2's, but I could be wrong. They had a nice dish anyways. I didn't see a body kit, but I did hear a nice throaty exhaust...the round tips didin't look polished...maybe it was an eisenman. I dunno. I was behind you at a stop light. I'm positive that you saw me in your rear view mirror. You turned right down some side street and I followed. At the first street you turned a wide sweeping right hand turn and put some throttle into it. You seemed pissed that I had followed you down the street...so I just kept going straight.

Nice car anyways.