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01-19-2012, 12:13 AM
Has anybody rust ever came across rust/rot not just in the corners of the front seats but also rotted out around a strut tower? also rust/rot in the frame right where the control arm connects? is it salvageable, repairable or body shops that would do that work ?*sad*


p.s also looking for front wheel bearings if anybody has some *wave*

Bimmer Heaven
01-19-2012, 12:59 AM
Anything IS repairable! Just need to find out if its worth it...Unless you do it yourself, lots of time=lots of $$$...Find out what sections are rusted, and maybe i can cut you some clean ones.*th-up*

01-19-2012, 01:25 PM
I had strut tower rot, to the point that it was seperating from the chassis. I parted the car out.

01-19-2012, 01:44 PM
I had rust around the front battery tray/strut tower. bad for business. R.I.P. BLUEY.

01-19-2012, 05:25 PM
my friend with a 325is inquired luxury auto body for rusty shock tower re-weld..

they said it can be fixed but quite pricey i think.

if ur body is minty fresh and worth putting money into it.. then doo it

if not, ......

01-20-2012, 12:04 AM
Oh man that sucks!
i will get pictures to show the areas of interest to have a better idea. there was no plan in like making it a track car/performance tuned or anything with need for speed, just a DD on dry days, cruise 2km to work and back and occasional couple hr drives.

the main concern is structual integrity. the frame is guaranteed week and Cut & pasting plus welding is not a problem at all, just need to fine good metal hopefully. if it does not work out, gonna have to find another car or donor. perhaps find a wreckers yard with a clean frame/ body and swap over everything. just dont want something major (accident) or minor (potholes, speed bumps) to happen and the vehicle crumbles like graham crackers with ppl in it. that would suck.

01-24-2012, 12:27 AM
any comments? pros and cons ? is it possible to repair even that? sorry for the big pics

craz azn
01-24-2012, 12:53 AM
Like was mentioned earlier, anything can be fixed with enough money... But is it worth it to you...?

FWIW, I've scrapped cars that were better than this. I would find a new shell to work with.

01-24-2012, 09:04 AM
For what it would cost to fix that you could buy a cleaner e30 than this

01-24-2012, 04:29 PM
did crappy tire show this to you b4 they replaced your brakes or after?

01-24-2012, 09:10 PM
at least you have a couple hose clamps there in decent shape.

01-27-2012, 01:11 PM
thanks for the advice.
i just purchased a 89 325 coupe at a good price and better body.

however, i am still interested in the repairing of it so still might take a chance at least to prolong the life of the vehicle a year or two depending on price. untill it gets outta hand.then i will just part out or take what i need and scrap the car.

the strut tower im not 2 worried about. its like 4inches around and the gap is the thickness of my finger.

the control arm is what freaks me out. you can see the ctrl arm bolts through the rusted out frame. yikes! i have got some ideas from techs at work that perhaps weld a metal rail or somthing like a beam from the rear frame towards the front for strength and just go nuts with welding and jb weld where the bolts are. at this point it's do or die but doesnt hurt to try. i will see with eurostyle first for clean metal to cut, hopefully

does any body have suggestions, tips or anythin on a repair of something like this or know someone who has ever tackled somthing like this to this point.
i gots a problem of getting rid of cars "just like that".


01-27-2012, 02:18 PM
I have a suggestion: scrap the car, save your money. You will get a negative return on investment, 100% guaranteed.

01-27-2012, 11:52 PM
what everlast said.

02-21-2012, 08:17 PM
Is it just me or in that last pic is the right frame rail rotted in half? Not only is this car not worth saving, it's not safe being on the road. Scrap it before you end up in the ditch having a firefighter cutting you out.

02-26-2012, 01:21 PM
yeah... it was pretty bad. i had some fun with it in an huge open parking lot untill the ctrl snapped off the rotted frame, I scraped the car and salvaged some parts for my next operation.

thanks for everyone's advice. you guys were alot nicer then the guys in the shop*th-up*

02-26-2012, 01:29 PM
Any plans for a new one? Kudos on a good and tough decision

02-26-2012, 02:15 PM

02-27-2012, 11:44 AM
yeah, but im going to be a little more specific with my choice this time..preferably a later model cab with platic bumpers or a pre 88 model with a bumper conversion already done. either way both are hard to come by from what it seems.
I still have the hard top which i have no need for but may try something different and see if i can install a sunroof into it which was my plan all along. for now, its only when i got time

As of now or the past 2 weeks im in a base model 89 325i coupe which is doing the trick.

02-27-2012, 11:50 AM
Does anybody have a recommendation for good body shops for minor/major rust repairs

03-13-2012, 08:27 PM
I found those pictures disturbing and quite frankly, disgusting. *barf*

03-13-2012, 09:54 PM
here is a vert for you to replace that rotted one, available till Wednesday at midnight