View Full Version : Lubromoly (Liqui Moly ) CERA TEC is now available in Canada

12-13-2011, 11:30 AM
Liquimoly Cera Tec is now available at PTM.
$22.99 plus tax per bottle.

Micro ceramic solid lubricant suspension based on hexagonal boron nitride (BN) in
mineral oil. The laminar graphite-similar structure reduces friction and wear and
prevents direct metal-to-metal contact. The < 0.5 μm particle size guarantees
optimal filter flow properties and protects against depositing of solid lubricant

- Mixable with all commercially available motor oils
- Stable even under high thermal and dynamic permanent loads
- No deposits and absolutely compatible with all commonly used filter systems
- Resists extremely high and low temperatures
- Reduces fuel consumption
- Increases engine service life
- Increases smooth operation
- Stable under extreme pressures
- Chemically inert
- Higher performance gain due to reduced friction
- Does not increase the phosphorous and sulfur content of the motor oil
- Tested with catalytic converters and diesel particle filter

BN micro ceramic
Color: : Yellowish white
Ceramic particle size : Majority < 0.5 μm
Temperature stability of the
ceramic particles : To +1,200 °C
Density at +20 °C : 0-89 - 0.90 g/cm³ DIN 51757
Viscosity at +20 °C : ~300 mPa*s DIN 51398
Flash point : 200 °C DIN ISO 2592
Pour point : -20 °C DIN ISO 3016


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Can you put your email address on your company page? I don't want to use the form on the webpage, rather just send an email.

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We dont use the email address to avoid spam bots.
our address is precisiontuning at bellnet.ca Replace at with @