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12-07-2011, 04:15 PM
For those of you who know the shop.

My story below.

Firstly, i welcome and look forward to Vlad or Stan replie to this rant. The issue has been resolved, however i just want you notify everyone my experience with Vlad at PurAuto (http://www.purauto.com/)

A few week ago, my brother had notified me of a slight oil leak dripping from the GTR. I called up Vlad (@ PurAuto) and mentioned the problem. I schedule an appointment for the following week. A week later, Vlad puts the car on the hoist and could not identify where the leak was coming because the undercarriage was little dirty and wet due to little rain that day. He sprayed brake fluid and told me to come back in a week to see where it was leaking from. I agreed, and told him a day (cant remember which day). Everything at that point was fine. Before leaving, Vlad wanted to buy my N1 headlights because he was doing a photo shoot for some magazine. I told him that I would think about and get back to him. A week later, Vlad puts the car on the hoist again and concluded that the leak was coming from the drain plug. We had discussed about whether it would be better to fix it now or next season because I was putting the car away for the winter. I decided that next season would be better. That being said, Vlad had asked me again about my headlights. I told him that I would do him a favor by lending him my lights for his photo shoot and will pick it up next season when I come in to fix my oil leak. We both agreed. This where the everything thing goes down hill..

Issue #1
Vlad had proceeded to take lights of another customer’s car, whom is also a member on this forum and put his lights on my car. I found this strange because I did not see Vlad make a phone call to the customer, asking him whether it would be alright to temporarily swap headlights. Vlad had mentioned that his car had the same headlights and would swap his headlights with the customers car because I would only be coming back next season. I did not question Vlad’s action and allowed them to swap the headlights.

Issue #2
While Vlad and the other guys swapped my headlights. We spoke about trading the wheels on his Salvia for mine. His rim was an AutoStrada Modena, 3pc, staggered rim. We agreed to trade on one condition: if I did not like the rims, I would pay Vlad to put my rim back on to my car. We both agree. I left the shop alittle while later and headed for the 401. While driving on the highway, I noticed a hesitation. It was like my car was jerking back and forth and my torque gauge was reading higher than usual. I got home and called Vlad. I mentioned what I was experiencing and told him, that I will drive the car one more time and call him back. A couple days later, same issue. I called up Vlad again and told him I would like to trade back my rims. He begins to give me excuses like, “we traded rims and blah blah” and “these someone else buying your rims” etc. I spoke politely and reminded him about me paying him to put the rim back onto my car. At the end of all the excuses and mild arguing, we agreed to trade back our rims. Yesterday, Vlad calls me up and tells to come in to trade the rims and tells me that he will be charging me 2hours in labour. I was shocked and began to argue. So, I made an appointment for today.

Issue #3
Today (literally a few hours ago), after both the headlights and my old rims were swapped. I question Vlad about charging me 2hours for mounting rims. He begins to tell me that its not about the money and that there is nothing wrong with his rims. I explained to him what I was experiencing ( pictures below) and yet, he still argued that it had nothing to do with his rims. He also, mentioned that maybe my car is misfiring, something wrong the spark plugs or my coil packs were beginning to fail. My car has no such issues!.. (pics for reference)

Heading towards PurAuto. Riding on Vlad's rim (17' AutoStrada Modena, 3pc, Staggered)

Notice the torque gauge.


Heading back home. Riding on my rims (17' Not staggered. 1pc)

Notice the difference in torque gauge (same speed!)


To concluded.
I told Vlad, I would only pay him 1hour because I think that the most fairest thing to do.If I had not argued with Vlad, he would have charged me 2hour (90/h x 2 = $180) and taken the money in a heart beat. I will not be doing business with Vlad or PurAuto anymore. He ripped me off once (paid $280 just to repair a single steering pump hose) and now, he tried to do it again. I am a straight up guy and welcome, Vlad or Stan to post a reply. I have no reason to lie or fabricate excuses that would benefit my side of the story.

R.I.P PurAuto!..i look forward to taking my business else where next season. Vlad is a ripp off! ..if i was timid and quiet and did not confront Vlad about the ridiculous labour rate. Do you guys really think he would have disagreed to take the $180??..ofcourse not! he would have gladly taken itt!

Forum members, feel free to chime in or ask me questions because, I have no reason to lie!

12-09-2011, 06:09 PM
Why didnt you just mount the rims yourself? I cant even phantom why it would ever take someone an hour to swap rims (let alone 2). I think either way he got the better end of that deal.

Unless you guys were best buddies, your best bet should have been for him to buy your headlights at fair market value, and agree to buy them back next season or whenever.

He could have very well truly believed his rims were not the problem.

You should find out what the book labour time is for stuff that was preformed on your car, that way you can numerically show that he isn't really charging 90h like he advertises to be charging.

12-12-2011, 02:44 AM
Vlad is a good guy, you guys just bumped heads and like any small business owner, hes all about money and you cant expect anything for free. Not saying he was right but i can see the 2 hours being the initial swap and the final swap, low pro tires 4 tires installed an balanced $180 for 2 swaps. Expensive but not out of the ordinary. Well hope you learnd your lesson, dont do anyone favors... i cant help but see this as no one elses fault but yours. Im sorry just an opinion. Just i guess finding someone trust worthy costs money as well.