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11-22-2011, 03:47 PM
Took some pictures and thought I would repost.

US car bought in Philadelphia in Oct. 2009 by me. I have most paperwork and records for the car up to that date, mostly in the form of receipts for work completed. Since then I have worked on the car primarily so I have the receipts from parts I've installed. Also work was carried out by Stancefactory (which is amazing and I highly recommend).

The car had a vacuum leak and fuel supply issue which I have fixed and it runs fine now.

Recently performed rear subframe bushing replacement, as well as guibo/flex disc and CSB.

Next owner should install new balljoints and tie rods at some point. Front brakes need work as well.

Driver's side window doesn't work. I think it's a connection issue as I had the issue when I picked it up and simply reconnected the motor. Probably same issue.

Car has a 4.10 LSD differential. Leaks a little bit of oil but nothing drastic.

Odometer broke recently. It's the little gears in the cluster for the odometer. Stopped at 193,000 miles (not km). I've put about 25,000 km on it since.

Clutch is fine and recent.

Little bit of rust. Nothing structural, floors are perfect. Passenger side, rear wheel arch is rusty as is the drivers side lower rocker. Also a bit of edge rust on the hood.

5 speed manual.

I'm asking $3300 for it. It's exempt from e-test. Email mmalivuk@gmail.com for inquiries rather than PM for a much faster reply. I'm currently in Kingston, ON and the car is located in Mississauga but is available to be shown and driven. Currently, registered and on the road.







11-25-2011, 09:57 AM
All emails replied to.

Also I have a hardtop for the car which I am selling separately. Buyer can purchase it with the car of course.

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Ok, last minute bump. I'm coming into Toronto this weekend and taking the car with me to Kingston on Monday morning so last chance to buy it.