View Full Version : e30 318 Vs. e36 325is

03-05-2002, 09:54 PM
On a bussy sat. night I was driving my car downtown, It was just rammed with people allover mostly students out drinking. I was about half way down richmond row (In London all the best bars are all in a row down this street) when at a stop light rolls up this nice looking 325is, it must have been like a 94 or 95 packed with girls but two guy in the front, he looks over and says with a smile, while revving his motor...."hey...guy....why you put big rims on old car with small motor." ha...what?...was that english???? alright, were the hell does this guy get off, I figured with all the weight he has in the back I might have a chance with my lightly modded 318. I respond with a rev back feeling really nervise and on the spot, by now most of the people on the strip have noticed our loudly roaring motors, and have stopped to see a show...............Finally light turns green.....I jumped ahead and maintaned a lead through first and some of second.......half way through second he begain to slowly pass me, and pull away. but not for long, from my veiw, as I can see part of the rear of his car, in the dim of the night, a huge flame and explosion fire from the exhuast, ha ha, he comes to a skreeching stop, I pass him, from my rear view mirror there was a bit of smoke emerging from the car.

Later I find out that his car sat there for awhile (on the side of the road) and was towed away. Also Ironicly enough it was towed to our dealership, in for a new motor!!!, he apparantly snaped the timing chain running his valves into the top of the pistons. The best part about it was that, it was his girlfriends dads car!!!!:rolleyes:

'88 325e
03-06-2002, 12:42 AM
I have been to London. Cool city and great bars! Too bad there are alot of school punks like that around. Ya should have got a picture of this dudes face when the motor let go! :D