View Full Version : gease monkey story...

10-13-2011, 07:10 PM
so a few weeks ago after many scrapes on the oil pan a small crack happened under the drain plug... nothing bad really.. but still..

last week my water pump/ alt belt snapped ( lucky me 4 min from home ) got home... skateboarded to cdn tire.. got a new blet.. skated back got the car on a jack and got to work... what a bitch ass job though. but done in a few hrs.

so this week im on call so left my car at home... jacked it up again to work on the oil pan... took it off and started cleaning it and preping it for jb weld... v-groove the crack.. rough up around it.. mix the jb weld... then i started to really look at the pan and noticed a lot more cracks on the outside and inside of the pan... not to mention that the cooling fins on one side of the underside of the pan was almost flush.. F(*&%$ it called up bmw and ordered a new pan... $250 later lower pan and gasket.. put it back together but not before one pan bolt broke loose and stripped. put in the new oil/ filter.. took her out for a boot.. came back jacked it up.. no leak around the gasket. :) but there is a leak from somewhere else MF! *uzi*