View Full Version : 3 Series E30 1984 318i possible trade

08-05-2011, 01:22 AM
I have a 1984 318i build date 11/93 that was and still is my project. I am finding it hard with 3 kids to find time to finish what it still needs. It has a lot of money into it, i know that doesn't matter but I just thought I would see if somebody was looking for this car and may want to trade. I still want a E30. I have a body kit on it now, new bilstien shocks, H&R springs, headers, new exhaust, black leather interior, K&N filter, it is 2 door Auto, just over 200,000km, have a second M10 for it, wanted to rebuild and then swap in for turbo, plastic bumper swap, waiting to maybe go on, lots more also. I am open to any e30 trade on here, I have a lot more info, its just late and I wanted to get this posted. Just PM me or reply to thread if your maybe interested and we can talk and I can let you know everything about the car.
I know it is not nearly the most sought after BMW produced but I have to either store it until I have time or try to find something I can enjoy now.