View Full Version : LF:E36 Coupe around Saskatchewan

07-16-2011, 12:26 AM
Hi all, as the title states i'm looking for an E36 Coupe.

It must be a manual, 6 cyl and under 200k kms (The lower the kms the better).

Tasteful modification are Okay.

No Rust.

I'm in the Saskatoon area and willing to travel pretty much anywhere I can go there and back in a day (That includes Calgary and Edmonton). However out of province cars will need an inspection so I would like to know anything that would prevent it from passing.

I am willing to spend 5k to 8k.

contact via e-mail gurvinator at hotmail .com
(replace "at" with @. and remove spaces)


07-19-2011, 12:57 PM
Found a local e46 instead so mods can delete, Thanks for the replies.