View Full Version : Feelers only, but anyone looking for a E36 (track or non-track use)

06-07-2011, 02:02 PM
I have an great E36 vehicle that I am thinking, just thinking of possibly selling to the right buyer. I have modified the car extensively with new FK suspension (recent), the body has been lightly re-painted last year, has a CF-hood, and M3 body bumpers. It's a Shark-inject tuned E36 328iS. I basically did a minor re-furb to make the car look absolutely amazing. With all the mod's, I am looking possibly at a $10K price-point (which would include two sets of 17" RIM's, one could be used for track purposes, and another for day-to-day use).

I may be considering a move to a E46 coupe, but not sure. I am not sold on the idea just yet as I still like my car. But the idea has crossed my mind as there are many nice E46's coming up for sale at the right price.

Thoughts, please reply and if you are interested in pics, please let me know.