View Full Version : 5 Series 1991 525i FS - $1200 (Ottawa, Ontario)

05-27-2011, 07:18 AM
I am selling my Lazerblau 525i (Automatic ). It has 258,000km (161,000 miles). Interior is blue.

Engine and transmission are strong - shifts very well as it should (no transprog errors), compression is between 205 and 210psi across all cylinders. No check engine light, etc.

I am selling as I am at the end of my rope with regards to passing emissions with this car. Hydro carbons at idle are a bit over the legal limit (210ppm) and it is clear that there is an issue as the idle is not stable and there seems to be a misfire once in a while. Above 1000rpm everything is smooth. Maybe an easy fix but I have had enough . Interested parties can ask/pm me and i will discuss at length what I have tested, fixed, and tried w.r.t to the idle issue.

The body is in great shape - a bit of rust by the rear trunk lock cylinder.
Needs two lower fron fender trim peices
All glass is good and all electronics work (seats, sunroof, headrests, windows, etc.). A/C is intermittant and sometimes decides to work along with the recirc.

the leather has no rips or tears, just normal wear. All power accessories work.
Compustar locking system and alarm installed.

I have put rear shock mounts, shocks, rear brakes, steering link, and tie rods. There is a 55mph shimmy and a slight clunk on the left front so I suspect left thrust arm.

The rear tires have alot of tread but the front need to be replaced.

For an Ontario or Quebec safety I would suspect the thrust arm and two front tires plus a few light bulbs would bring it up to par.

Anything other information needed please feel free to pm me.


05-29-2011, 01:02 PM