View Full Version : raced two preludes on hwy7

04-16-2003, 04:00 PM
i was on my way home from a friends house and i pull up to the lights at 7 and keele, then a silver prelude (new style) pulls up to the left of me and a white one (new style) pulls up to the right of me so whatever i already know im gonna lose cuz im driving my little mazda but hey i was curious to see how my 1.8 would match up, so light turns green and i took them both on take off but once i hit 3rd gear they took off and left me out to dry *wiggle*

04-16-2003, 11:29 PM
those V-tech have a nice top to them, and iff you get a v-tch controller its like having v-tech right of the line.

well it was cool and u had fun, so hey its PIMP


04-17-2003, 12:24 AM
ya, harps guy its v-tec lol

vtech = phone!

the vtec controller is useless..why mess with what honda spent so much time planning, plus it wastes so much gas..

back on topic, shotta..which one won between the 2?

04-21-2003, 12:22 PM
the silver one, it has some stuff done to it like body kit, dropped, and exhaust, the other one was stock