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03-31-2011, 09:30 PM
I am selling my 1994 BMW 325i sedan,

Baige on tan cloth interior (cooler than leather in the summer day)

61L tank, 6cylinder 170hp (I think), Fuel economy 11-12L/100km/;7-8L/100km city/hwy

- I have owned this car since 2009 December, bought it with 205,000km from the Kia dealership near Hwy 7 and McCowan (still have purchase receipt)
- And now it has approx. 220,xxxkm
- I don’t drive it much in the summer because I have a motorcycle, so it’s driven mostly in winter and mostly highways
- I do regular oil change every 3 months, just around 3000-4000km
- I wax it every 3-4 months all year round
- Washed ATLEAST bi-weekly during winter to keep minimum salt deposit on the body
- Always fed 89 octane gas, sometimes 91 premium to flush the system

- I have fixed up quite a few parts over the year, replaced:
o Alternator
o Thermostats+housing
o Water pumper + coolant flush
o Transmission cooling system + transmission fluid flush
o Front wheel bearings + control arm bushings
o Timming belts
o Engine seals
o Spark plugs
o New rear Yokohoma all season tires
o New battery
o Replaced front O2 sensor
o New aftermarket headlight and tail lights
o Aftermarket Sony CD player

- MINT body, no rust whatsoever (partially the reason why I bought it in the first place)
- Great for somebody who’s more mechanically inclined and loves classic BMWs
- Clean interior
- Engine still purrs like day one
- Does not burn oil, no mechanical problems
- Tool kit, owner’s manual, service manual, spare tire
- All lights work, interior + exterior
- Power mirrors

- Axle making noise when turning, but not expansive to fix
- Hood stand needs to be replaced, not holding up the hood on its own
- Warning lights problem, check engine and check lights (common problem with old bmws)
- No AC

Nevertheless, it is a well maintained car despite the problems due to age. I just want something new to drive.

SELLING E-tested + safety and whatever’s required for sale $4,000 O.B.O

Or $3500 As is

http://img64.imageshack.us/g/img6803h.jpg/ pictures

PM me anytime, I check my email regularly.

04-03-2011, 10:54 PM
price drop... original price was too high
$3000 obo

must check it out in person! i've kept it very clean!