View Full Version : 1995 325i sedan Auto

03-25-2011, 10:41 AM
Posted my car with pics on this Kijiji site.


$4200 certified. 305k on car but 125k on engine (last fall). $2400 in bodywork and complete paint last year.

I'm selling to purchase a 540i 6-speed manual. I don't like autos.

Known issues: coolant sensor, "brake light circuit failure" message (once per week with no known cause), I closed the hood with a screwdriver still in there and when I went to open it I stretched the hood release cable; hood still opens but you have to have one person press down where catches are while another person pulls catch. AC compressor clutch needs bearing (belt taken off mid winter) and belt tensioner bearing noise (both to be fixed).

spare parts: engine with blown head gasket, auto trans, alternator, starter, ac compressor, power steering pump, MAF, throttle body, wiper motor etc.