View Full Version : FS: random e46 stuff

03-10-2011, 07:23 PM
Hey guys/ girls

Just some stuff from my car im looking to sell.

Dice Ipod Integration kit - $150 obo
Wooden automatic Shift Knob - $35 obo
e46 sunroof motor - 50 obo
e46 pre-facelift sedan kidneys - FREE! (both have broken clips, no idea how but one day they both just broke when i open the hood, so i replace with matte black grills!)
stock fogs bulb and LED fogs bulb - 15 dollars (upgraded to HIDs!)

local pickups in London Ontario, can shift for extra $10.00

All working conditions out of a 2000 328i, i just pulled most of them out of the car . tthai4@uwo.ca for info or just PM

Thanks for looking:)