View Full Version : E90/92 M3 M Performance Exhaust ($4,374)

02-20-2011, 01:11 PM
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The new M3 comes with plenty of growl and howl from the factory, but if you'd like to tune it up a notch and get a little more power out of the deal, BMW's new M Performance exhaust system might be what you're looking for.

BMW doesn't say how much power is gained, though it says it optimizes flow and reduces backpressure. The biggest gain from the exhaust is probably a loss: of weight. The M Performance exhaust is 20 pounds lighter than the stock unit.

Priced at a whopping $4,374 (not including installation!) however, the M Performance exhaust is in the stratosphere. The thin up there could cloud your judgment.

You can see and hear the new exhaust in the video below, or grab the sound as a ringtone (for free) here. Let us know if that sounds like $4,374 smackeroos of awesome. Ourselves? We'd take it to the local race shop and have them mandrel bend some stainless tubing, drop in a muffler and cat or two, and call it a day.

Source: http://www.motorauthority.com/blog/1055627_bmw-m3-gets-new-m-performance-exhaust-priced-from-4374

02-21-2011, 12:48 AM
The old saying, "more money than brains," comes to mind...

02-25-2011, 04:23 PM
At this price You can get a much better exhaust system, with headers, mid pipe, down pipe, etc... then keep the other 2500$ for FUEL! :D