View Full Version : E30 Car Audio

01-25-2011, 07:35 AM
Custom install for your E30 *th-up*

Treo SSX-12.22

PowerAcoustic LT-960.4
- 4/3/2 channel power amp
- wattage = 100x2 + 250x1 (ideal setup w/ sub)
- built in x-over

Enclosure and Amp rack
- ported 2.15 cu ft. enclosure (3/4 inch MDF, glued, screwed, and sealed)
- carpet and enclosure matches trunk perfectly
- made for E30 (spare tire still accessible) but will fit in most cars.

Sound is intense!

$600 pick-up, $750 installed (including power wires, fuse, RCA cable)

I also have some free 5.25 inch speakers if needed.