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12-09-2010, 12:11 AM
Hey guys, I just need some help with my e36.

Heres the rundown...

So my car has been parked since mid October. I dont drive my car during the winter, so its been stored in my garage since. I run the car up to temperature every week or so. Yesterday, when I went to start the car, the cluster did not work. All the lights were working but the guages (gas, speed, rpm and temp) didnt.

Before this happened, while driving home from school in september, my cluster went crazy; well the rpms did. The rpm was acting up. It bounced past 7k and would bounce to 0 and keep flickering. After turning the car off upon arrival at home, I turned her back on and since then it read that it was idling at about 1200 rpms (but car ran perfectly fine when 1200 rpms). Usually it would just be at 700-800 rpms.

So basically, it read 1200 rpms when idling ever since the cluster went crazy in September. Now, it reads 0 when the car is idling. Even though it was reading 1200 rpms when i let her run last week.

Anyone know what the problem is? Do i need to replace the cluster? Fuse?

Attatched is what the cluster is like when the car is running.

12-09-2010, 10:44 AM
Try popping your cluster out, theres two screw at the top, check the connections on the back. Also check the fuse box under your hood for any that are blown, there's quite a few that are related to the instrument cluster. My cluster had a similar problem but it just stopped working all of a sudden after a lightning strike in a storm. I ended up replacing it and it then worked fine. Also when my cluster was fried my cruise control didnt work and my wipers magically became a different intermittent speed :P All went back to normal when i replaced it. *th-up*