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11-22-2010, 03:52 PM
Fairly sure this is a repost, however the one i was reading never reached a conclusion. Despite price difference and easy install what are the differences between tms shorty headers vs. rms long tube. keep in mind this is for a s/c application. and i've heard from a few sources the long tube is the way to go.

should make a seperate thread for this but im too lazy. For us supercharged guys that want to see more boost and are worrying about cooling the intake charge, there are two options really the rms air to liqued after cooler which goes in between the blower and the intake manifold, ( im sure most of us already know what it does ) the piece alone is just shy of 1200usd, and the kit with the front mount heat exchanger etc. amounts to 2800usd before taxes and shipping, **** ME! however water+meth is also another option for cooling the intake charge by injecting the 50/50 mist into the throttle body fairly sure u can have individual injection into each intake port if your pockets are deeper, i guess what im getting at is what is the preferred method the water+meth is going to be cheaper but do i want to be filling that up all the time ?, I dunno, help me out guys

anyone who is running 10psi or above on the s/c e36 care to post what ur setup is like? or maybe some dyno sheets. thanks for reading the post.

11-22-2010, 06:12 PM
Im guessing thats you David...

The meth injection is injected right before the T/B. This insures a proper mixture distributed among all cylinders...what happens if one nozzle/line for one the cyl fail?

As far as which is better, aftercooling is a method which will ALWAYS be there. Your meth tank will run out with meth, and your tune will be affected. It really depends on who tunes the car and hows it is tuned (to rely on the meth or not).IMO both are the best...:)

In my opinion:

RMS headers
RMS aftercooler kit

(or buy my complete kit)

If you want cams..you can go with traditional shricks or VAC S/C based cams. When searching for more power keep in mind...your stock gasket is going to go (how long depends on how you drive) with 11+PSI. The meth may help with that (depending on its usage) but you dont want to go too crazy with the boost. MLS headgaskets do not last forever, and the rods on the S52 will start to *flex* at the 500hp level. Turbo or S/C it will happen, but the difference is the S/C is a bit easier on the engine as you dont have a whole load of torque comming on suddenly.

As far as headers, I have seen RMS headers/RMS Race headers and they are the biggest I've seen. The TMS ones will help your midrange power, where the longer tubes will give you much more breathing up top (where your engine is breathing hard with high boost from a centri).

My project for reliable, linear power is something like this:

RMS Stage 2+
stock gasket, ARP studs (after my new gasket blows)
RMS or SS euro headers (would rather RMS though)
SS Midsection
Dinan rear muffler (have it already)
VAC S/C Cams
Dr. vanos stage 2
AA Meth injection
I already have headwork on my car
6 speed
3.64LSD (custom from diffsonline)

Thats the plan for mine, it may not be as fast as the turbo cars...but then again, I'm not looking to get into built engines and such.

11-22-2010, 07:32 PM
so long tubes would be prefered for a s/c

11-23-2010, 11:09 AM
so long tubes would be prefered for a s/c

I would rather get the long tube, however we installed TMS Shorty headers on 'JUS_CRUZN' 332i w/C30 S/C and had a great result.

11-25-2010, 11:34 PM
confused.. turbo's run hotter, no? being exhaust gas driven over a sc's belt drive. I know meth is better, cools more, but air cooled at 10lbs should be doable. air cools my intake charge, im at 12lbs.

11-26-2010, 12:11 PM
Running an intercooler on this setup req. more custom fab than an already made kit for S/C applications.