View Full Version : CCFL, Thinlines etc etc...

11-16-2010, 01:04 AM
hey guys.
my last thread quite the action in terms of replies and all were very helpful hopefully we can have this one the same way so it can help me and others alot in a combined thread.

so on to the question...

I am in the midst of purchasing headlights (zkw/bosch replica's) made by either Dj Auto or Depo. So far i am leaning towards Dj auto because they dont have a cut off on the angeleyes.

Now here is where things get a little bit confusing for me...there are a million and a half options as to which angel eyes i can choose but they dont exactly have detailed pics nor do they show what the difference is between the thinlines, ccfl's etc...

What do you boys recommend/have on your ride?

my aim is to have the angel eyes on and have them light up RED in colour.
i also want them to be a pure red not a rosey red.

do i want them visible during the day when they are on? doesnt really matter to me
do i want them to look stock when they are off? yes

any and all pics would be very helpful.