View Full Version : Window Issue

11-01-2010, 02:59 PM
So the driver window on my 328i has failed. I knew this was going to happen.

I opened it up to take a look. One of the sliders is broken, and there seems to be a lot of play in the regulator. Motor works just fine.

I picked up a few sliders and a used regulator(with no play whatsoever).

I don't really have a lot of tools so I cant remove the original regulator from my door.

Does anyone know a shop where I can get this quick fix without paying and arm and a leg?

I've called a few places and was quoted over $200! Seems overpriced to me since its no more than a half hour job if you know what your doing. And I already have all the parts!

Please inform me of your shop recommendations, or maybe someone would be willing to help me install this (with compensation of course).

Any help is appreciated. I know a lot of e36'ers have experienced the same issue.


11-01-2010, 05:19 PM
Here is a DIY, if it helps. Sounds like it can be done with only a dremel.