View Full Version : e36 coupe-window stuck up (doesn't open)

10-08-2010, 09:12 PM
I noticed as i recharged my battery on the stored e36 coupe.......the passenger side window is stuck up(closed position)....it doesn't roll down(open) when i press down on the switch...nor does the window pinch down when the door is opened.....

your help is appreciated..

10-09-2010, 04:42 AM
maybe the fuse blew ?

10-09-2010, 09:35 AM

check fuse, then i would remove the door card and lube up anything that has to do with the window channel and gearing and also see if anything is blocking movement.

10-12-2010, 06:16 PM
the fuse is fine because driver side window works great...i think the motor is fried.....because i hear click sound (power)to the motor but doesn't start......

10-13-2010, 11:25 AM
It may be your, lift mechanism, mine did the same thing and the point that pivots had snapped ( its like a scissor), look behind the door panel, it's like a clicking sound, the motor works but no lift power with the snapped mechanism

10-17-2010, 12:13 PM
Guys, problem solved......it was one of two connectors to the electric motor....a bad contact....so i lubed the CRAP on both connectors, regulator, gearing and window channel..it started working fine....something good ....

P.S-Rommel thanks for tips......