View Full Version : E46 M3 AA/HKS Supercharged

09-24-2010, 09:53 AM
Last year we did the new HKS supercharger system on an S52 based Z3 M Roadster as some of you remember, the kit performed flawlessly with a substantial increase in power from the previous rotrex C38-71 kits. This year we did the stage 1 kit on an E46 M3 SMG cab. The owner of this car some of the old school guys will remember with a 400rwhp E28 back in the days of Motronix motorsports. The owner decided to get back into the game with his E46 M3 but found the car a little under powered for his track-addiction.

After much research the customer opted for the HKS based Active Autowerke supercharger kit. Mainly due to the fact this new stage one kit puts down the power of their old stage 2! We did a customers car, with catless exhaust and he put 440rwhp with a C38-81...however this stage 1 is very close (the stage 2 is a different story all together). For those who are looking for a clean, linear powerband look no further...ASA, Vortech and of the old rotrex kits cannot compare. On top of it...the engine bay looks busy, but very clean. Take a look...I hope you like the pics, it was taken by our tech who did the install as well!


09-25-2010, 12:52 AM
very nice!