View Full Version : 99 M3 @ munich evolution

09-22-2010, 09:15 PM
Hey fellas, i've spotted a 99 M3, silver/black heated vaders, 140k miles down south of the border at munich evolution.

The car looks really well maintained.

Am i crazy for considering this with 140k miles?

Check it here:

Anyone got an unlim carproof account they're willing to use on that VIN by chance?

... I know it's a lot of miles, but this supposed to be an excellent engine, that can last if taken care of, right? What about all the other stuff: do all the mounts etc. hold up well over this many miles? or is it gonna rattle and clunk like a good thing?

I'm not THAT far away (victoria bc) but far enough that it's a PITA just to check a car out. Any of you in the seattle area seen this car already by chance?