View Full Version : Problem with my E24 635CSI Heating system!..

09-19-2010, 05:30 PM
Hey there everyone! My 1987 E24 635CSI's Heating system is acting up weirdly... The foot well heaters work perfectly and have lots of heat, but the middle - top level heaters have almost no heat at all... I looked @ the diagrams of the heating system in the user manual, and I thought there may have been a blockage in the top "air intakes" under the hood because sometime leaves would blow into my face when driving out of the vents, and when i cleaned underneath the hood i found some gunk/leaves on the right and left sides of the heater/ac intake part (sorry if I am not saying the proper names of the parts at the moment).

& when I checked out the Right & Left side of the air intake box for the Heater/AC it there was no blockage that I could see, I wasn't able to take much apart because I don't have access to many tools or much knowledge to this issue.

Any thought's people?