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09-09-2010, 07:00 PM
Called today because i got fed up with my door locks first of all. I would press on remote to lock the doors, but the drivers side one wouldn't lock.

Also when coming to a stop, the car would randomly at times just stall... Thought it would be the idle control valve. He gave me a price for new part and install.

They had room for me today so i brought the car in and left it to cool off so he can do the ICV.

I get a call soon to come in, he had a used idle control valve with low clicks, saved me lot of money. He fixed the door lock (he also had a used actuator too)...

I ask him about the E46 that i came with, about a clunking noise in front. Goes for a spin, takes it in right away. Turns out its the sway link on drivers side (he changed passenger one before). So his assistant does that for me quickly. I ask them to put the RMP license plate covers (my rear ones has 2 rusted bolts , looked very ugly... they took care of that)

I also told him my badge was fading and i asked if he has one for the front (turns out he had a used one laying around from his old car and gave it to me for free!)

Thanks to the team for great service!

09-10-2010, 07:33 PM
he provide free engine wash !!!
now I have to complain about this to Rocco.. I had na da...