View Full Version : How is a 1987 325??? May buy it...

04-04-2003, 12:09 AM
A guy at work is selling his 1987 325, has 325,000kms. sellin around $2500, AC works, has little rust, interior is mint, had only 3 owners....... This guy I'm buyin from is a Lexus mechanic, he's taken the whole top end out and has rebuilt it. Now what do you think of this? What should I ask him? And what engine is in these? Is it the "I" or the "E" engine? Are they reliable past this point if well taken care of? Which it has been...... so what do you guys think? Oh, and the colour of the car is white......... just FYI

Bimmer Heaven
04-04-2003, 01:39 AM
The 87 can be an "e" or "i" you have to look at it. In both cases they should be reliable if taken care of. The "e" motor can run forever if you dont snap the timing belt! My old E30 had 418K and it ran like new, passing emissions with no problems...I still have the engine sitting at a friends shop!

04-04-2003, 02:02 AM
Alright, (I was hopin you'd reply Filip) Now what if its an "I" engine?

Bimmer Heaven
04-04-2003, 02:32 AM
If its an "i" it revs highter so it may not last as long as an "e", but if the top end was rebuilt it should be fine for a long time! The price is a bit high, thats what I paid for mine almost 6 years ago (with 320k) so if you can bring it down a bit it might be a good deal!