View Full Version : Wtb: M3 Oem Front Bumper & Trunk Lip

04-03-2003, 11:21 PM
What's up guyz,

My car is going into the shop in the next 2 weeks for a brand new paint job, with a lot of mods, but I'm missing 2 of the final pieces to my project. 1) M3 OEM FRONT BUMPER for an E36 2 door, used, painted, unpainted does not matter, as long as the price is good. 2) Either a ZEEMAX or AC originial or replica trunk lid spoiler for 2 door E36. I know SHAZ was selling one, but at the time, I did not need one, but now I do. If you guyz can help, please leave me a message at alexli_2000@yahoo.com. Once again thanx a lot guyz I appreicate it!!!