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08-27-2010, 04:05 PM
We now stock Wheel Wax Products.

Wheel Wax wheel protection Wax is the ultimate protection for your wheels:
-Stops Brake Dust Buildup
-Eliminates Winter Chemical Corrosion
-Safe For ALL Wheels
-Makes Wheels Easy To Clean

Wheel Wax Extreme Black Tire Dressing
-Protects & Conditions Rubber
-Non Greasy Car Show Shine
-Won't sling off onto your cars body

Glacier Polish
-The ulimate protection for your paint
-No white residue
-Mirror like finish
-Easy to apply
-Great Smell

Magic Shine
-Show car instant spray detail
-Fast and easy to apply
-Safe on all cars

These are some of the Wheel Wax products in stock.

More info available at www.WheelWax.com

Please Email or Call for any information or other Wheel Wax Products you may be interested in.

info@RMPMotors.com 905-951-0002 - 416-679-0302