View Full Version : You Wouldn't Drive Without Protection Install "Fest"

04-03-2003, 06:04 AM
What: StonGard Paint Protection installFest

When: April 26th

Who: Anyone interested in getting their paintgard installed by a StonGard Certified Installer in...

Where: Torrance, CA

Why: You have a vested interest in maintaining the showroom appearance of your E46 M3, why allow it to lose value daily? Install the highest quality paint protection kit, by a Stongard Certified Installer, and you are entitled to a 4 year Unlimited Mile Warranty with a $2000 paint guarantee.

How Much: Typical Install Fees are $350 per full kit. For this
day only, installs will be $149.99 per car.

How Many Spots: There will be time to install PaintGard on 5-6 cars. If there is more demand, another date can be setup.

How Long will this take? Each install will take roughly 2 hours, and will consist of all the pieces included with each stongard FULL kit.

How does my car need to be prepped? Please wash your car beforehand. Upon arrival all cars will be lightly cleaned in the areas where StonGard will be installed, if you need to clay your paint, please do so beforehand. Also, make note that if any part of the front end that is missing paint or is scuffed it, the paintgard may not install properly so please fill these spots in first.

This is in conjunction with a FULL KIT special of $420 shipped and HALF KIT special of $270 shipped.