View Full Version : If your DICE DSP has problems this might help

08-19-2010, 12:19 PM
hey folks

Just wanted to share a little tidbit I uncovered, first with my own DICE DSP adapter, then a buddies, and now 2 more people I know online ... we all had the same issue -- it would occasionally cut out for no reason. Other times it wouldn't turn on ... the DICE would work as all the info got to the consoles and we could change songs, etc, but not audio was coming through. Some users online were convinced that the DSP was crashing and when you power cycled it it would come back to life ... and sometimes it would, but that fix didn't always work and it's a pain to have to power cycle constantly.

I got fed up, and since DICE refused to offer warranty for my adapter (because it was purchased through a non-authorized dealer) I decided to take matters into my own hands.

A little poking around and some experimentation revealed that it was the brass connector for that stupid little coax cable on the DSP adapter itself that was the problem. Wiggling it a bit would bring it back to life, sometimes. It wasn't a cold solder joint (I re-soldered everything just to be safe), and it wasn't a cable issue ... it was an issue with the connector itself. It wasn't loose, it didn't have any loose connectors or damage within it, it's just that the connector they use SUCKS. Very poorly designed and a terrible choice to use for a digital SPDIF connection in a moving vehicle!

5 minutes with a soldering iron fixed the issue for good. I removed the connector from the circuit board and tapped in a pair of wires to the + and - from where the connector was attached and voila, it's been perfect ever since. I opted to skip putting in a new plug/connector altogether (I'm not going to be removing this unit from the car so why bother). Did this with a buddies unit that has had problems for ages and fixed it for him too. In his case we installed an RCA surface mount connector and a good RCA plug on the end of the coax cable (which is much preferred to that lame mini coax deal and is pretty much standard for SPDIF connections, but I digress). My buddy shared the fix with 2 more buddies online, and it fixed their problems as well.

So just a heads up if anyone has issues with the DSP adapter portion of things those crappy coax surface mount connectors seem to be a real weak spot in the design. *uzi*