View Full Version : E36 few parts for sale.

08-12-2010, 01:08 AM
almost anything from a coupe is available... i am not personally parting a vehicle but I bought some leathers from a guy tonight who asked me if I could help him get rid of some other things or if I knew where he might get some more interest - I know how hard it is to sell anything BMW on the east coast so Im trying to lend him a hand.

Willing to ship from Halifax,NS.

1994 325 engine - $650 + actual shipping, around 180k iirc / tranny also available for more - may be willing to part out motor (head, all accessories, etc) everything except the intake manifold which i would keep for myself. FWIW, I shipped my entire M44 engine from NS to Colorado for roughly $400. Id say

m3 4spoke wheel w/ tri-color stitching, great condition - $150 shipped OBO

door cards, gauge cluster, switches and tons and tons of other parts for a OBDI 3'r coupe and some misc M44 1.9l parts as well (TB,MAF,DME etc)

I have not sold much on here but have bought tons of things from here from different people who can all vouch for me. Also have a good Ebay rating and I accept paypal.

PM me with anything your looking for.

08-12-2010, 06:33 PM
bump, someone must want some parts. Shipping is not much, I buy from GTA area all the time and rarely pay more than $15-20 for shipping unless its oversize. Might cost $300 to get the motor to you strapped to on a shingle pallet. He only wants about $500 for the engine now as well.

OBO guys.