View Full Version : compression test advice

08-03-2010, 01:51 PM
I'm looking at purchasing a good friends 95 325i with 295k on it. I'm concerned over recent overheatings that eventually led to replacing the thermostat, rad hoses, water pump and finally pressure washing the rad that removed "a lot" of sand and dirt". Now there are no issues with overheating, there is no loss of antifreeze, no milky oil and no smoke on startup.

I did my own compression test and came up with these values:

1 - 200
2 - 197
3 - 178
4 - 200
5 - 195
6 - 215

I numbered 1 as the front and 6 at the back.

Is it worth buying ?

$2500 bodywork and new paint, tinted windows, all new discs and pads, new summers and winters, ice cold air, sunroof, auto (blech!..but oh well), new tie rods and front and rear alignment, new fan clutch, decent stereo, no rips in leather interior, power and heated seats all work.

$3000 for car cert & e-test. We're best friends and don't want to piss each other off over a car but I don't want to buy a head gasket down the road and he doesn't want to see me buy a lemon. They're high KMs but my 318is has 330k and I will unload for $1000 as is.

Advice wanted. Thanks