View Full Version : Another great service at RMP

07-15-2010, 03:13 PM
I recently took my '04 330i M to Rocco for some regular maintenance. I got a few things done this time:

1) Standard oil change
2) Flashed the ECU and put the latest OEM software
3) Intake

My car had minor power loss every time I crossed 4000rpms. I realized that just before I took possession of the car, the DESA valve was changed but the software was not updated. After taking it to Rocco, we learned that my car was 2 or 3 updates behind! It took less than an hour and the latest software was uploaded. This cured my power loss at 4rpm and it reset the adaptation feature. The car drives WAY better. The difference was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

My intake was fine, my filter was clean and everything was working fine. I told Rocco that with my previous E36 328i, I was able to remove the sound baffle or silencer out of the stock airbox and drop in a K&N filter to get that nice deep sound/emanation when on full throttle. My goal with that was to moderately increase airflow and get a nice sound without compromising reliability. My question to Rocco was if I can do something similar with the stock airbox in my E46. All he did was cut out a portion of my airbox opposite the engine side of the airbox and drop in a K&N. Wow. Such a nice sound. This in combination with fresh software created an awesome difference.

Thanks again Rocco and Lauren!

07-21-2010, 12:29 AM
Just bought a 2004 645ci and will be taking it in this week for:

1. Level II inspection/oil/break fluid/etc.
2. SOS Call Malfunction Error
3. Intermittant issues with the Anti-Trapping mechanism
4. Would like to install an auxiliary input jack

I'm sure this will be my first of many trips to RMP. Hope all goes well.