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07-01-2010, 06:44 PM
Testing the waters:

I am selling my 1985 325e built in February of 1985, 2 door manual with LSD installed by the dealer at time of original purchase. Blue on blue with 206,337kms. I took vehicle off the road in the spring of 1009 to fix all the rust on the body. The rust was not bad (from a repair point of view) I just wanted to restore it back to factory condition so that I could keep it for another 10 years or so. Got around to fixing some of it then time became an issue. My plans have hit a barrier and now I need to get rid of the car. I bought the car off the original owner back in August of 2007 for $2000. Being a heavy equipment mechanic I have done all of the maintenance myself and have written records of everything I have ever done to the car. Along with the maintenance I have done a few upgrades to the car. Along with the car you get all of the pieces I have bought for it but never got around to installing (will list later). At the moment the car is in pieces in my garage.

- Replaced the SI board with one I bought off the internet that does not have batteries so you never have to worry about it dyeing again.
- Mark D performance chip 91 octane required.
- Bilstein rear shocks.
- Replaced the sealed beams head light assemblies with the projector assemblies. Projector low beam, non projector high beam, takes 9005/9006 bulbs. (bought from the dealer)
- 6k colour HID low beams.
- Replaced the radio with an Alpine CDA -9857 deck, hardwired the alpine harness in the vehicles harness. Replaced the front speakers with Alpine type S 5 1/4 speakers. Replaced the rear speakers with Alpine type S 6 1/2 speakers. Ran new wiring to all the speakers, also have the I-pod cable for the radio.
- Michelin Pilot Exalto tires with one season on them (195/60R14).

Known Issues:
- Car cancer aka rust in all the typical E30 spots.
- Transmission output shaft seal is starting to leak, need to top up transmission every 8 months or so.
- Passenger side of the steering rack is starting to leak, lost about 1/4 of a pop can in 6 months.
- Engine oil fill cap leaks a tiny bit.
- Front crank seal leaks, need to add a liter of oil after 3k or so.
- High beams are not wired in

Parts sitting in a box not installed on car:
- Fuel filter.
- Drive shaft center bearing and support.
- Drive shaft flex disk (Guibo).
- New high beam light (the glass on one on the car is cracked)
- EBC red front brake pads.
- Fuel Cap.
- Transmission output shaft seal.
- Gear selector rod (lower half).
- Gear selector bushing kit.
- Idle control module.
- AKG front control arm bushings.
- Shift boot.
- UCC Double Shear Selector Rod with bushings.
- Two sets of rear control arm bushings.
- Fog light lenses installed on car but not wired in.
- 160sq. feet of Second Skin Damplifier acoustic material.
- 1 Gallon of Second Skin Spectrum acoustic paste.
- Box of Misc. parts.
- Engine and manual transmission from another 325e (my first BMW with 320k ish kilometers on it)

Asking $1500 or best offer for everything. If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to PM me and I will send you my contact info. I know the pic is crappy but I have tons of other pics of the car and the work I have done if you are interested.

07-02-2010, 02:20 AM
Im interested in some of the parts you are giving away.. are u will to sell on the side ?