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06-30-2010, 08:17 PM
After saying goodbye to my first bmw, a 2000 528i, I recently found and picked up my new ride, a 1995 325i vert.


Loving the car. Nothing really does drive like a bmw.

However, there are some questions and quirks to the car. First, what kind of wheels do I have?

This is a style 65 rim. I have one of these.

What is this kind of wheel? These are the other three rims that I have. If you look in the first picture, you can see that there is just a slight difference between the front and rear wheel.

So I was thinking.. either get one more of the style 65 rim and throw them in the back, or get a 4th rim and complete the set. Ideas?

Also, the convertible top worked when I first got it, however it won't go up or down now. Do either of the shops bimmersport or rmp motors work with convertible tops and are experienced with fixing them?

Thanks guys! More questions as they come up.. haha

06-30-2010, 09:10 PM
None of those style 65 (e39 M5 wheels) are real. They're replica's, apparently two different kinds of replicas.

My advice would be to get a different set of wheels.

What do you mean the top wont go up or down? AFAIK 95's didn't have power tops.