View Full Version : A newbie all over again

06-26-2010, 02:28 PM
I've had plenty of cars over the years, but I'm about to take delivery of my first bmw, a white 07 328xi sedan - and I have to say, it's no fun being the newbie all over again!

I don't plan to go too far with this one - just some light cosmetic mods.

I will be tinting it (35% all around), and am looking to get the corona's set up as DRLs (like anyone with a canadian car).

I gather there is a guy in Ottawa, and a shop in Toronto that can shut your normal DRLs off, so I'll look into that. (any pointers here?)

The question I have right now is, I've been reading about all the different version of LED bulbs as upgrades for the e90 angel eyes, but just when I think I have decided, I read something else, and begin to doubt myself.

So is there a clear winner (short of going with OSS). Lux v2? mtec? other?

Also, if I just want the corona's on during the day (ie: no ambers or halogens), is it as simple as having the drl's shut off in the computer, or do I have to get one of those modules to fool the computer as well? something else?

A big thanks in advance for your assistance!