View Full Version : M50 vanos for sale

cracked out
06-18-2010, 06:23 PM
hey guys , I'm selling my 1995 325is m50 vanos with 5speed trany.
I'm not sure how many km's are on it due to the fact that it
was in the car when I bought it. But what I can tell you is
that iv only put 1200km on it since I had , and it still runs strong.

The bad:
due to the motor swap I'm doing, I had to pull a few
things off.

No oil pan
no harness
no accessories.
Intake mani - yes

this motor was previously installed and pulled by Bimmer Sport.
And will be installed again at Bimmer Sport , unless your a back yard
grease monkey lol , then you'll need to make arangements with Charlie
to pick it up.

For sale :

M50 w/Vanos ( motor n trany sold as a package $600 )
5speed getrag
drive shafts - $ 75
410 diff ( not LSD ) - $ 100

feel free to ask questions if I can't answer them for you
Charlie at Bimmer Sport will be more then happy to .

If I'm taking long to reply , I'm sorry just give me a call
647-338-1407 Justin