View Full Version : Accidented 323i - Rear breaks seized & where to find cheap parts?

05-21-2010, 07:21 PM
Just baught a BMW however it's an accidented one, so I thought I'd join some forum and at the same time maybe you guys could point me in the right direction or answer a few questions I have.

So basically I purchased a 323i that's been hit from the front. I wanted to know what would be a cheap place to buy parts from that can ship to Ottawa, Canada.

Another problem I have is that the rear tires seem to be seized. I assume its some type of break sensor which seized to breaks around the time of the accident. I'd like to know hwo to release it so that I could probably store the car while I wait for parts to do repairs. Right now its just sitting in the middle of my driveway and I wasn't sure about the breaks until after the two truck left. So if anyone knows or has had experience with a rear breaks/tires seizing, how can I release them so I can push around the car.

From what I know... What I need are the following parts:

Front Bumper - I would like some suggestions on an attractive front bumper that looks good on this car.

Intake system

Actually there's too much to list, but if anyone knows a good place where I can get parts for cheap then let mek now. Thanks.


06-06-2010, 10:56 AM
I'm just wondering why you bought a car that was in an accident.

06-06-2010, 11:03 AM
Instead of buying the same bumper that was in your car before I'd go to www.ddmtuning.com and purchase an M3 bumper instead, it's aftermarket but the build quality is really good, it will make your car look way better and plus you wouldn't have to pay close to 1000 dollars for a bumper from a BMW stealership, Their M3 bumpers for your car are around 360 bucks plus shipping from California ($125)

As for the other mechanical parts you can get them for a very good price at www.autopartsway.ca (what's also great about this company is that they have a Canadian counterpart so you don't have to worry about customs brokerage fees and also, any orders above 75 dollars they ship it to your house for free)

There's also www.bimmerspecialist.ca but I don't know if they have free shipping