View Full Version : Small Oil Filter part broken HELP!!!

Matty D
05-21-2010, 11:02 AM
So I recently bought my first BMW. A 95 325is, 5 speed 2door

The oil is dark so I decided to change it (a few days before I put her on the road). I drain the oil, pull the filter and hear a faint "KLINK". I look in the filter housing and find 3 small pieces of metal. They look as if they were 1 piece which has broken apart. The 3 pieces fit together perfectly, so I do not suspect there was other metal left behind.

OK I have some pictures online now so I will post them.

What is this part? What does it do? Can I drive the car (6 hours to my new home) without it? I stopped by a dealer but it seems this small part is only sold as part of the oil filter housing, so I will be stopping by an wrecker.


The piece looks as if it was located at the BOTTOM of the filter housing.

Is it an anti drain back valve?

Thanks in advance for the help!