View Full Version : Factory alarm?

05-18-2010, 08:46 AM
Did all 2006 325i's come standard with a factory alarm? The red light on the bottom of my rear view mirror does nothing...........

05-18-2010, 02:14 PM
No 2006 3 series has a factory alarm at all. It was a dealer installed accessory. You have no alarm. New 3 series cars now have optional factory alarms.

05-18-2010, 09:31 PM
Thanks for clearing that up for me.

05-19-2010, 11:22 AM
To add a little to that, the car is all pre-wired for an alarm to be installed (hence the red light being there). So it's a rather easy DIY install if you buy the alarm; although I think you need to dealer to activate it or something.