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05-17-2010, 02:47 PM
I'm selling my 1988 BMW 325 with 157,000 miles, not kilometers.

Features a 5 speed manual transmission, manual sunroof, power windows, & leather seats with fully adjustable back & leg support.

I originally got it as one of two cars I bought together to dive into my BMW fantasy. Unfortunately, I have had to sell them rather promptly before I got a proper chance to use them. No cars for me until I get my finances sorted out...:(

In this case, the interior was vandalized before I had a chance to do anything proper with it. The seats were undamaged (thank god, they are very comfortable brown leather), but I still need new inner door panels (& a few other things) to finish the job. I considered using it as a parts car, but I want to sell it now as is, before stripping it from running condition. Yes, it does run just fine.

Car is originally from South Carolina, and the body is virtually free of rust.

I have the grill, and will install it for the buyer.

$2500 or best offer. Please contact me if you would like a better look, either in person, or through more photos.

I'm selling as is, the car has yet to be certified or e-tested.